Thursday, October 6, 2011


The War Prayer is some thing a little different, it makes the reader really take a step back and think about things. It gives all the information to the reader and then allows the reader to think, it does not pick a side but does give the information needed. I think that it is saying we really do not know or understand someone until they are dead and gone. We often fight and get upset over things that at the time we think we know everything, but once we have taken the time to step back and think we soon see that we did not know as much as we thought. I feel like this story does just that. I really liked reading it, it was short and to the point. Twain did not beat around the bush he dove right in and stated how he felt. This piece was not published in his day i do not think because it was a big deal and a very different way of thinking. This shows that sooner or later we see things in different lights it just may take us a little longer which may end up costing us a little or a lot more in the long run.

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  1. Good blogs overall. Try to get into more discussion with your blog group if you can, and be sure to ask questions in class!