Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The poem talks about how the speaker does not really know where he sits in life and who he really is. He does not know anything about Africa because he is not from there nor has he been there. But he does not feel he is apart of this world because he has no place as a black slave. He gives the christian God a "dark" physical feature in hope that He (the God) will understand him. This was his hope that she had someone that knew and could see him for who he was. It was a belief that became a faith because he had nothing else.

Where does he fit as a person?
Who can really say?

I think that this can be related to Huck Finn because of the overall theme of nature and civilization. What really is civilization? Can the definition change according to the person and his or her beliefs?

The main point or chorus is in italics because it is something that the writer want to stand out. It is something they believe to be importnat and want to make sure the reader sets that out in his or her mind.

I am not sure who Harold Jackman is other then from the beginning of the poem is says for him. I feel like because of the type of poem it could be a secret lover? I am not sure and will have to look it up but if i had to guess i think it could be.

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