Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

I was not a big fan of this story, i think it was easy to read and understand but it was not my favorite.
The characters were very important in this story. Everyone played a role and supported each other in some way. Bailey is a great example of a mommas boy. If he would have been a man and stood up for himself and for what he believed they would not have ended where they did. The kids were horrible and made it bad to read in some places. I wanted to put myself in the story and knock some sense into them. They would have not acted that way in my family. They had no filter, they said what they wanted without fear of punishment. They did not care about who they were or where they came from, only where they were going. The grandmother was very over powering but was allowed to be. No one really stood up or said much to her. There was No communication in this story between characters. If they would have communicated they would not have ended the way they did.
This is important because we can relate it to today. We are moving more and more away from communication (face to face) and more and more toward computers and machines that do everything for us. Is this good? Does it work in today's time?
Is there ever a point where the characters reach a point where they see what they have done or where they have come because of the choices they made?
I think that we do not see where we are going today, we just keep going and we are hoping that it works out for the good.

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