Sunday, December 4, 2011

Harrison Bergeron

I really liked this story. This story was about taking everyone and trying to make them "equal".

Can this ever happen?
Reminds me a little of Feed, with its futuristic outlook.

I think that people read this and say "oh my God this is dumb" how far away are we from this today? WE already feel like we have to monitor things and keep things equal when in fact nothing really is all that equal. I think that if everyone was the same this would be a horrible life. We are all different and have something different to "bring to the table"
 and because of that we are where we are today. If we lived like this ,where would we be? Would we be able to do things that we do now?

I think that this is something that everyone should things about and look at. I feel like we all like this idea of equality but what is that really and at what price does it come?

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