Monday, September 12, 2011


The overall theme of this poem is democracy. The writing expresses his idea that democracy can be not only a political system but also a lifestyle. He talks about how he experiences life through this light, and how for him it seems to work.  He uses different tactics, such as his language and dialects, to really get the reader to see where he is coming from and what he is trying to say.

I think he poem also represents a growing US. During the time the poem was written America was growing at a huge rate.  This is something I am not a 100% sure of, just something that I thought while reading.

I think that it was also important that he talks about the beauty of the individual. This was seen in many of our readings. He still saw everyone coming together but as unique and different individuals. That’s what would make us special and stand out and above the rest. This can even be seen in his title to this work. He talks about how everyone is important, even as just one voice. I think here we see what he is trying to say in his poem. I think he respects and thinks a lot of the individual. But is that how we are today? Would this way of thinking and life work perfectly?

I think that this poem does tie in with everything that we have read even to this point. It expresses ideas and things that make one think even many years after its creator is long gone. This poem still holds value and expresses things in a light that, most of us do not think about.

Something that stood out to me was all the list. I’m not sure it this was done on purpose.  I think this was done to drive his point across and show it in many different forms. Not too sure but that’s what I got from it.

I like this style of writing, I love poetry. I find it easy to read and enjoyable. It is not always clear nor is it meant to be. I think that it does allow the reader to see things in a different light and create a idea of what it means to each different reader. The overall theme may be the same but it will not be interpreted the same every time. This is what makes it unique and different.

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  1. Try to give specific examples from the text to support what you write. Looks good otherwise!