Thursday, September 15, 2011


This reading showed how little of role females got to play in this time period. Because of this writing we, females, have rights today.

I like learning about stuff like this because it does relate to me. I am a female and it is hard to believe that there was a time that we had no rights and no say. I think women’s movements started from things like this and we are where we are today because of things like this. We still are not where we should be but we are moving closer and closer in the right direction. Females still do not get the best paying jobs even if they are just as qualified or more qualified then the males applying for the same position. We still do not have as big of a voice as males but we are getting closer.

I think that it is very clear that this is important to our history. We use things like this to learn from our past and to make sure we do not go down the same roads. I feel like this was very hard to write because it was written in a time where it was not acceptable.

I feel like this is a lot like the beginning readings it seems to be based on facts and information more than just story telling.

I feel like this story also reminds me of Douglass, because he was fighting against slavery and for human rights. The ideas behind this book are very much the same. She was fighting for human rights and in greater detail women’s rights.

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