Monday, November 14, 2011

the red convertable

The Red Convertable is about two brothers that live on a reservation with their family. Lyman tells the story of him and his brother Henry. They get the money to purchase a red convertible and they then go on a trip without any plan or means. This is where they learn about each other and life and death.

“I always had good luck with numbers, and never worried about the draft myself. I never even had to think about what my number was” this was a line i was a little confused about. I think that it means almost to say that the government still has control over them even if they are not supposed to. I feel like he is saying that he got out of doing it when maybe it was like almost not a choice.

I feel like the reader must understand the setting of the story and what a reservation actually is and what the lifestyle is like to live on one. I feel like these people had a different life. They lived close together and everyone was family. But i also feel like this story speaks about race issues and government control.

I like this story and i think that the ending is the biggest topic. I feel like people can argue either way about what truly happens. I personally feel like he kills his self in the end. I do not think it was a accident. I think that he reached a point in life that this was what he thought was his only option.

Another important thing to think or talk about is who story is it really? I guess it can go either way and i guess they story does not have to have a main character (just one) but it is something i kept thinking about while reading.

I also thought about how cool it must have been to be care free and get to travel like they did. I feel like in today's society this is something that most of the time never happens. I think that most people like to follow society, go to school, meet a guy or girl, get married, have babies...but then what? When can we simply be ourselves? Who says that we have to do things in that order or even do those things at all? Why do people find the brothers traveling something crazy to do today?

I think that it has alot to do with how things are now and how people have made things into something that never were even thought about till now.

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