Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Li-Young Lee “From Blossoms”

This poem appears to be about peaches. However i believe that it can have a deeper meaning and that the text can support it.

This poem makes me think of a older couple or maybe a very young couple looking back or looking forward on life. I feel like the theme of freedom and living for or in the memories is a powerful part of this poem. It was not a plan to go buy the peaches that day, it just happened because they saw the sign. I think about myself and how i have seen signs for fresh vegetables or even a sonic sign advertising a new drink or combo, and how through the sign i am persuaded to pursue the item. I think that this is something that we can all relate to and understand. I also like how the writer gives you senses that help create a real image.
I also like the writers word choices. I think that a peach is somewhat of a sexual fruit and maybe the writer plays with that idea some in this part:

"From laden boughs, from hands,
from sweet fellowship in the bins,
comes nectar at the roadside, succulent
peaches we devour, dusty skin and all,
comes the familiar dust of summer, dust we eat.

O, to take what we love inside,
to carry within us an orchard, to eat
not only the skin, but the shade,
not only the sugar, but the days, to hold
the fruit in our hands, adore it, then bite into
the round jubilance of peach."
This poem gives me a sense of good feeling and love and happiness. It is a little more up beat when compared to some of the things that we have been reading. But it is fun to read and flowed very easy. I think that you can read it as just simply what it is or you can look at it a little deeper and see what it maybe can mean or become to you. I love that with poetry there is not right and wrong, each reader interprets the work according to what it means to them. This allows for great thought and many different ideas. I think that you may could relate this poem in some ways to some of the things we have done because it is talking about nature. I feel like things tend to happen in the "woods" or in "nature" this to is where this poem takes place. Instead of the "bad" things happening in nature like some of the other works, i feel like here we see a life. It is like a life cycle that we often miss and do not see the real significance behind. What came from the nature is what we so longed for and loved. It is what gives us nourishment and things we need to stay alive.

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